SOC/BIO: A Tidbit of Eco-Fundamentalist Rhetoric

Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 11:48:14 MST

An example of eco-fundamentalist rhetoric I encountered on one of the green
lists I monitor (in response to the recent news item about the development of
a virulent transgenic mouse pathogen) recently:

> What we blithely refer to as science has for years been in the realm of
> what we once referred to as science fiction. Now it is entering the
> arena of the Grade B movie, Ed Wood would have a field day with all of
> this transgenic mutant garbage emerging from laboratories all over the
> world.
> It is up to us to make our voices heard so that we can tell government
> and scientists, "Enough! It is time to stop. The Earth and life are
> sacred, not fodder for experimentation." We must further reach out to
> others and educate them so that they too will add their voices to the
> resounding, "No!"
> Resistance IS fertile and we must resist!!
> No compromise in defense of Mother Earth,

Just a tidbit to give a flavor for what;s simmering among folks with a
different worldview from ours.

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