RE: META: Repeat/Delayed Messages

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 00:06:19 MST

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) >Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 23:28:35 -0600
>From: "Greg Burch" <>
>Subject: META: Repeat/Delayed Messages
>I am getting two and three of many (but not all messages), many delayed
>by many days. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with AOhelL, since
>I'm now also getting the list via my own domain hosted elsewhere. Is anyone
>else experiencing this?
Yepperz! I'm getting it, too.
> Greg Burch
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> Attorney::Vice President, Extropy Institute
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> satisfied that we know enough to get by.
> Every question we answer leads on to another
> question. This has become the greatest
> survival trick of our species."
> -- Desmond Morris

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