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Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 07:52:41 MST

From: Samantha Atkins <>

>Frankly, you have little business claiming that you know what is
>and is not a part of the truth so vigorously that you disown all
>spirituality in one fell swoop. One of the inaccessible truths is
>the creation of a working vision that unites the hopes and dreams
>of a people. Religions, for good an ill are much more advanced in
>that work than science is.

Even a simpleton can see the logic and advantage behind Pascal's
wager. It is only by offering life-after-death that most religions
hold their sway.

This hardly makes them advanced.

>Religion is running scared? Really? Then why are the numbers of
>religious holding steady and even growing? Perhaps it is because
>of a bit more than just human stupidity and perversity. Perhaps
>the religions, even with all the blatantly wrong-headed and bad
>aspects, offer something that human beings strongly need/desire in
>their lives.

Hope, as defined above. A necessary sense of order. Lets not forget
the number of lottery players is also holding steady and probably
growing. I suggest for similar reasons.

Excellent post.


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