RE: GUNS: Misleading report by a true believer.

From: denis bider (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 10:31:04 MST

Joe Dees writes:

> Didja see it? The quick gloss-over disclaimer 'despite its
> high murder rate". The white dog truth and bare bones facts

Just for the record, in opposition to others who have voiced criticism of
Joe's original message, I would like to thank Joe for posting it. I can't
say either to completely agree or to completely disagree, but I certainly
enjoyed the posting's vocabulary and style, and it definitely brightened up
my day. :-)

In general, I think that if a person is offended by words, sounds or
pictures, it is their own problem. They shouldn't try to reduce other
people's rights of saying what pleases them, because they will then in due
course find that their own rights have been reduced, too.

By limiting the liberty of other people you will invariably limit your own.



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