Re: Mercury Risk?

From: Ian Goddard (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 09:07:28 MST

At 10:30 AM 03/07/2001 +0100, Eugene Leitl wrote:
> > IAN: 300 mcg = 0.3 mg, or not? Or is that your point?
> >
> > If I was in a room where air Hg0 was 0.3 mg/m3 and
> > an Hg0 meter was placed in my mouth, measuring the
> > Hg0 content of in-drawn air (assuming that I have
> > no amalgam fillings), what would the measure read?
>The point of amalgam mercury is whether mouth flora can methylate it (so
>brush your teeth, and don't gargle with methyliodide too frequently, ok?).
>Age and personal susceptibility is another major factor.

   IAN: But methylmercury is even more toxic:

"METHYLMERCURY is one of the most toxic forms of mercury
due to its solubility in fatty tissues, ability to readily
penetrate membranes in living organisms, and slowness to
be excreted. Methylmercury is strongly held in brain tissue,
while metallic mercury has little effect. Methylmercury is
5 to 20 times more toxic than inorganic mercury..."

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