Re: power line risk corroborated

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 20:23:23 MST

At 09:55 PM 5/03/01 -0500, Harvey wrote:

>Living near
>power lines also corresponded with bigger cities, more pollution,
>utility companies nearby, etc.

Of course, and one must suppose that Doll and his cluey colleagues have
noticed this obvious fact. What's more, living a few blocks away from power
lines *also* corresponds with bigger cities, more pollution, utility
companies nearby, etc., but not with [marginally] elevated disease
incidence. The detail I found striking is that the incidence apparently
only rises *downwind* of the lines, suggesting airborne contaminants.
General airborne industrial crap? Again, if that were so you'd expect to
find it across the whole neighborhood, neh?

Damien Broderick

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