Re: extropians-digest V6 #63

Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 08:06:55 MST

I think you're making my point. The Taliban is NOT representative of Islam,
though you might think that from the news we get. (Keep in mind the same
destruction of statues by Christians, and wonder if that is representative
of the Christians you know.)
     We were discussing how a significant portion of the world's population
might respond to certain technologies, and how we might find out what their
thoughts are. I simply made a point about politeness, and then get
responses based on things I didn't say, and on misperceptions based on
faulty reporting. You don't have to agree with their religion to understand
the power they have. You might think Islam is primitive but telling Muslims
that, while discussing how they feel about technology would certainly stop
the conversation.
     The technologies needed to fulfill the things most extropians want
(life-extension, AI, etc.) are VERY controversial, and are constantly being
threatened with being made illegal. Countering those threats will take an
effort, and some of the things people have been saying seem more aimed at
making sure NO ONE listens to us.

From: "Steve Nichols" <>
Subject: Re: extropians-digest V6 #61

Theology is anti-science, and in general we *should* be against
supernaturalism, and try to reduce by natural theories where
possible. Engage them in argument, and even evangelise if that
is necessary to counter their pulpit propaganda.

I am completely appalled by image on TV of TALIBAN muslims
destroying the immense ancient Buddha statues. This vandalism
is inexusable, and shows the bigotry and bankruptcy of the ideology
of primitive human-era Islam which drives them.


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