Re: R6.2 in seattle

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 16:35:29 MST

Rabble Rouser wrote:

> Check the stats Spike, earthquakes over 5. typically produce an extrodinary amount of heart attacks. Some folks have a paralyzing fear of earthquakes (or deadly fear, take yer pick).

I dont doubt that, but it is tricky business. If I were to
make a ROM calc, what is the life expectancy now,
about 80 years? Thats about 3E5 days and about half
the proles that perish do so because the heart gave out,
so that for a random population of about 6E5 proles I
would expect about one fatal heart attack a day, eh?

Seattle is a densely populated area, so I would wag the
number of people that felt the shaker at r5 or greater
would be about, oooohhh, 3 million, so I would expect
about 5 cardiac deaths that day even if no quake. Singling
out this one as being caused by the earth without any
other injuries, I suppose legitimate but not compelling.

Nor am I arguing that quakes are not really terrifying.
That wimpy 4.2 here last Sunday got my undivided
attention, and Im an *adrenaline* junky. That Loma
Prieta quake in 98 got my heart racing more than a
typical sexual encounter, at least for a minute or two,
so afterwards I said, good, now I dont need to work
out at the gym today.

> Rabble Rouser? Could it be? Is this indeed
> Rambling Rebuilt Rambunctious Reborn Robert Reuben?

Of course at his new Baptist church they just call him

> MPD is not something you feel so alone as with other dis-orders.

Sure but you see Rabble, MPD is not a disorder. They
should have named it MPO, or multiple personality order,
for with this condition there is more to love. {8-]

Do forgive me, list, I shall cut the Robert Reuben jokes
now. It was getting so bad I nearly had to plonk *myself*.

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