running frozen/extended Perl with a builtin webserver and app

Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 23:07:29 MST

Er, I want to misuse you as a free consulting pool. Or something.

I want to port a legacy Winders application (STS from Springer Verlag,
it interactively creates synthesis trees, i.e. reaction pathways leading
to a desired molecule from diverse precursors) to a number of environments,
ranging from a big Unix box to the toaster. I have a part of it (written
in Perl and C) living in cgi-bin running under Solaris as a point of
departure. The hardware requirements are pretty much trivial, as the
thing hails back to Windows 3.11.

I think the easiest way for this would to continue writing in Perl,
add one of the several mini http servers out there (I don't think
this will ever see more than 1 hit/s, whether in the big Unix box
or the toaster environment), and use Perl embedding to generate
something which I can churn through an ANSI C/C++ compiler.

Does this make sense, kinda, sorta?

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