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Below you will find a brief description of a new title published by
Princeton University Press. We hope that you will find this title of
interest to your audience and will add our link to your web page. Our link
is: http://pup.princeton.edu/titles/7014.html

by Cass Sunstein

*** Chat with Cass Sunstein in a Message Forum to be hosted on Princeton
University Press's web site beginning April 1, 2001.

*** Read the first chapter online for free, click here:

See only what you want to see, hear only what you want to hear, read only
what you want to read. In cyberspace, we already have the ability to filter
out everything but what we wish to see, hear, and read. Tomorrow, our power
to filter promises to increase exponentially. With the advent of the Daily
Me, you see only the sports highlights that concern your teams, read about
only the issues that interest you, encounter in the op-ed pages only the
opinions with which you agree. In all of the applause for this remarkable
ascendance of personalized information, Cass Sunstein asks the questions, Is
it good for democracy? Is it healthy for the republic? What does this mean
for freedom of speech?

Cloth $19.95 ISBN: 0-691-07025-3
224 pages. 5 x 7. (2001)

Read more about "Republic.com" by Cass Sunstein:

Thank you for your time.

Julie Haenisch
Text Promotion Manager
Princeton University Press

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