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> > I just have to look at my own country, Sweden (the most
> > extensive welfare state in the world), to see its ill effects.
> > People loose
> > their creativity, work doesn't pay off (have to pay all those taxes to
> > empower the politicians and the bureaucrats, in Sweden a 50% tax
> > on income
> > is standard), and a sizable part of the population is dependant on the
> > goodwill of bureaucrats for every instance of their lives (2/3 of the
> > population). I survive as a businessman here in Sweden JUST by
> > beating the system. If I was following the rules I would go chapter 11,
> > immediately.
>Hey Waldemar,
>Do you share my view that high income taxes make starting a new business
>more difficult because of the financial drain on the individual caused by
>the taxes? If so, maybe you could do a better job of explaining it than I

Quite simply if you don't have the capital by yourself you can't start a
business. It could be distributed by the government but then only the ideas
that appeal to the government are relevant, and they are often not based on
business considerations, but by political ones, as seen by the extensive
system of grants and loans in the EU. And looking good for the bureaucrats
is a quite different thing than being financially viable. It spawns a system
of "National Champions" (Porter) that construct the corporatist state, and
you loose a lot of opportunities that you just can't see- because they
didn't get the possibility.

Poor people have difficulties to put their innovations into practice. People
are rent poor by taxes.

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