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On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, John Clark wrote:

> Alex Future Bokov <> Wrote:
> > I've mirrored the Green Party platform and linked it in through Crit at
> > the following URL:
> >
> Crit didn't seem to be working when I looked, but I probably wouldn't have written

What did it do? Did it give you error messages? Please let me know in a private
email if that's not too much trouble. Thanks for alerting me to the problem.

> anything anyway, almost every line was so stupid I didn't know were to begin.
> They have learned one thing from capitalism however, I've heard that the most
> important word in advertising, even more important than "new" or "improved"
> is "free". I counted 18 uses of the word "free".

Yeah, to their credit they probably meant more along the lines of
free-speach rather than free-beer, and that's the part I find most
ironic. The document seems to be a compromise between anarchist and
socialist factions within the Green party. Even as they're talking
about regulating the life out of everything they can lay their mitts
on, and OPPOSING tort reform, they're also talking about decentralizing
government and protecting the Bill of Rights. Which one will it be?

PS: I guess it's as good a time to announce it as any. While you're at
the top level site, you might want to check out my Open Bible Project.
Possibly coming soon: Open Apocrypha, Open Talmud, Open Torah, Open Q'uran

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