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Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 19:18:02 MDT

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> I just have to look at my own country, Sweden (the most
> extensive welfare state in the world), to see its ill effects.
> People loose
> their creativity, work doesn't pay off (have to pay all those taxes to
> empower the politicians and the bureaucrats, in Sweden a 50% tax
> on income
> is standard), and a sizable part of the population is dependant on the
> goodwill of bureaucrats for every instance of their lives (2/3 of the
> population). I survive as a businessman here in Sweden JUST by constantly
> beating the system. If I was following the rules I would go chapter 11,
> immediately.

Hey Waldemar,

Do you share my view that high income taxes make starting a new business
more difficult because of the financial drain on the individual caused by
the taxes? If so, maybe you could do a better job of explaining it than I



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