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>ZERO SAID: " for CR, well I'm too much the Epicurean to want to live
>forever if it meant thousands of years of wheat germ and carrot juice...."
>CYMM SAYS: It doesn't work like're stereotyping!

Perhaps not but I heard your sexual appetite suffers a large decrease (often
leading to impotence at very early ages). I think that's a big price to pay
for, presumably, a few more years.

>ZERO SAID: "...But perhaps if the research were compelling enough to show
>that one or another LE method was sufficiently likely to add a chunk of
>years onto my life, I'd be interested in looking into it...
>CYMM SAYS: You need to familiarize your self with the research. It has
>demonsrated those things. Across the taxonomic spectrum. Now, if you wait
>for advanced stuff to be demonstated in humans... you have another 50 years
>coming. Wait if you wish...

As far as I know, apart from CR, all other LE therapies have hardly any
evidences of substancially increasing lifespan.

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