From: CYMM (
Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 03:37:01 MDT

ZERO POWERS SAID: "...I want to live forever as much as the next person, but
I can't convince myself that LE is more worthwhile than my own personal rule
of thumb:
"Everything in moderation."

CYMM SAYS: Zero, that's NOT a recipe for LE; that's just good advice...

ZERO SAID: " for CR, well I'm too much the Epicurean to want to live
forever if it meant thousands of years of wheat germ and carrot juice...."

CYMM SAYS: It doesn't work like're stereotyping!

ZERO SAID: "...But perhaps if the research were compelling enough to show
that one or another LE method was sufficiently likely to add a chunk of
years onto my life, I'd be interested in looking into it...

CYMM SAYS: You need to familiarize your self with the research. It has
demonsrated those things. Across the taxonomic spectrum. Now, if you wait
for advanced stuff to be demonstated in humans... you have another 50 years
coming. Wait if you wish...

ZERO SAID: ..."I know Durk & Sandy of the LEF have been
researching/experimenting on themselves for a couple decades now.
Anybody know whether they (or any other long term LE'ers) are reaping any

CYMM SAYS: With all due respect, such people might be primarily marketers.
Certainly they have been reaping appropriate benefits.

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