Re: Diamond, Miller, Gould, Darwin: positive feedback loops

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 23:22:32 MDT wrote:

> Texan intellectuals.

Dont be messin with Greg Burch. This cat is biiiig, I mean, we're talkin...
Chewbacca, without the fur... {8^D

> > so long to get written language? This leads to the obvious question,
> > how in the hell does technological stagnation occur?
> You betray your assumptions. One might ask how does technological progress
> occur? Future AIs might ask how it took so long for all 'humans' to learn math.
> Why
> don't all Americans know calculus?

We dont? {8-]

Im thinking about positive feedback loops. Evidently in evolution there
are everywhere negative feedback loops within positive loops. When
the equilibrium gets displaced far enough, the positive feedback overpowers
the negative feedback, and weird wacky things like huge brains occur.

Before I go on, I must point out my own discomfort at one thing.
I have little formal training in biology. When I hear speculations
about aerospace I know how to set up a system of equations
and solve them for a good first order approximation. I know
how to separate the silliness from the feasible. In evolution theory I
have no such advantage, so I could post reams of silliness without
even realizing it. Evolutionary theory needs more equations.


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