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Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 23:03:34 MDT

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>> Controlled use of water supply - northern Africa? New Guinea?

>_New Guinea_? What don't I know?

Amazing, eh. Isn't it in, actually, Jared Diamond? Reticulated crop
supplies. Of course this bit of early genius didn't affect anyone elsewhere
in the world, but still, it wasn't done by American capitalism, I'm fairly

Let's see:

M. SPRIGGS 1989 The Past, Present and Future of Traditional Taro Irrigation
in the Pacific: an
       Example of Traditional Ecological Knowledge. South Pacific Regional
       Programme Occasional Paper Series No.3. SPC, Nouméa. 19pp.

(I haven't read this. It might concentrate instead on, say, Lo'i kalo and
'Auwai Systems - `sophisticated ancient irrigation systems found in the
Kalalau and Hanalei Valleys' in Hawaii.)

>> Your point?

>Well, obviously he meant for us to say things like "light bulb", "car",
>"computer", "airplane", "assembly line"...

Just so. Too bad.

Damien Broderick

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