Free Markets (was R: More Green Party)

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 13:43:12 MDT


>> I love the way such topics (from a non-US perspective) go
>> instantly hysterical with fear & loathing. Might do many people
>> on the list some good to spend some time in other First World
>> nations where we do things

Examples please...

>[1] On rec.arts.sf.written there's a New Zealander who keeps
>saying NZ is the most free market country on the earth, as of
>1989. Seems odd, given their national health care system,
>whatever it is, exactly. But they are much more consistently free
>trade than protectionist bastions such as the United States, and
>supposedly have much less in the way of industry subsidies.
>Basically it sounds like a very free market with a very fine
>social safety net underneath it. As opposed to the US and Europe,
>which are varying mixes of selective tariffs, direct subsidies,
>random regulations, and safety nets with holes (at least in the US

What a wonderfull place! I'll be sure to let several hundred
thousand residents of Chicago Public Housing know they can begin
immigrating immediately....


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