Re: Collaborative killfiling Re: META: Committee on Un-Extropian Activities

From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Wed Jun 28 2000 - 10:54:34 MDT

Sean Morgan wrote:
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> Brian Atkins asked:
> >will it filter the mail on the server side or will my system still
> >have to download every piece of mail and then filter it for me?
> What do you want it to do :-) ? We are still drilling the design, so
> there is some wiggle room on defining the features and scope of the
> initial implementation.

It would be fantastic to have it do the filtering on the server side.
Also some kind of default "newbie settings" for anyone new subscribing
to the list that would try to cut out the worst of the overkill so they
don't get immediately turned off.

> >is there a timeline yet to when your system will be usable
> Our goal is to have a usable system by the end of the year, but
> clearly the extent of its feature set is not determined at this time.
> I have posted an updated set of functional requirements to the
> Connexus site (previously mentioned on the Extropians list).

That would be good... I guess the list will hobble along until then.

Are you getting any fundage from anyone besides yourself, and is this
a commercial venture (you hope to make money?) or ?

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