Re: Diamond, Miller, Gould, Darwin was:followers/leaders

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 20:13:23 MDT

> Spike Jones wrote:
> >
> No rebuke intended here at all, just asking all to subtract about 12 dB from
> anything that could
> be misinterpreted. Its important.
> Michael S. Lorrey wrote: Gee, Spike, first your into surveillance, now you're
> getting all PC... ;)
> <VBG>

Can you imagine? PC? Moi? {8^D

After I sent the "12 dB" post, I realized what (I think) the original poster
meant by the apparent nonsequiter "put another round in the clip." I think
it meant (s)he had a bunch of books in the queue to read, and the Diamond
book is added to an already long list as another round is added to a number
of others already in the clip. I have an ever-growing queue of books to
read too. {8-] spike

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