Re: META: Getting the facts straight

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 18:34:33 MDT

>From: Brian Manning Delaney <>

>P.P.S. Apologies to Zero Powers for the too general statement of
>yesterday (or whenever it was). I hope you can appreciate that
>someone spending a lot of time thinking about anti-Semitism
>recently might emit a typo or braino based on an unconscious
>assessment of the meaning of silence in this forum! (Even if
>such a meaning is completely absent.) I mean, compare what's
>been said about me and my friends to my ONE-liner retort to

I'm not sure what you're apologizing for (and there's certainly no need to
explain) but apology humbly accepted. If unsubbing from the list is what
you feel you need right now, that's cool and I can certainly understand.
But hopefully once things have calmed down a bit (in your heart and on this
list), you'll drop by again. While I deplore flame wars, I do enjoy lively
discussion. IMO lively debate is impossible without people who have
divergent viewpoints. "If everybody is thinking alike, somebody isn't

I have another suggestion about list culture: We all know that irony and
good natured jesting do not always carry well by email and that the most
innocent turn of a phrase can unwittingly lead one into a flame war. Since
there seems to be little we can do to stop this phenomena, and since we know
that misunderstandings and hurt feelings basically come with the territory,
I make it a personal philosophy never to attribute to malice what might be
attributable to folly. So even though I am (unfortunately) still fully
human, and my feelings get hurt just like the next guy, I make it a point to
make every effort to let go of the bad feelings as soon as the active
"hostilities" are over.

So though tempers have flared and wagons have been circled, I would suggest
that if/when you come back that you act as though none of this ever
happened. Hopefully my fellow denizens of this list will reciprocate and we
can get back to what we enjoy most...watching ourselves type.


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson

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