Re: SOC: Radical Anti-Genengineering

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jun 27 2000 - 17:19:16 MDT wrote:
> [[ Forwarded from an email forum frequented by the very (and I mean VERY)
> radical greens ]]
> << Please distribute this to anyone/everyone. Try to make it here if you can.
> It's important! We need to show these people(monsters), that we won't
> tolerate the genetic manipulation of our animal kingdom. There's an
> interesting article at the bottom from the Minneapolis Star Tribune about
> the issue.
> Peace,
> -Matt

I sure hope they've been warned about these guys, they should have moved the
meeting to Canada. I've noticed that the meetings in Windsor Ontario and Calgary
by various world groups have gone off well with few major disturbances.
Apparently the FBI has supplied the Canadians with lists of anyone who has ever
been busted for being in leftist demonstrations here in the US, and I'm sure
there's some input from other countries as well. The Canadians are jailing
anyone on the list that tries to cross the border for the duration of whatever
meetings are going on, on the grounds that since most protest convictions are
misdemeanors, its technically illegal for people with criminal records of
misdemeanors or higher to travel into Canada. The Windsor cops had some
undercover people at the DAG meetings to pick out the key organizers and
strategists that got in anyways, who then got picked up by unmarked vans after
the meetings while they were walking the streets.
 Very effective work, I must say, and the protesters are whining like stuck pigs
about the inhumanity of it all, which is odd, since Canada is supposedly their
picture perfect socialist democracy, multicultural, environmentally friendly,
union friendly, with all the favorite wobbly welfare programs. Funny what
happens when you set up your society so that the government controls what rights
you have...

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