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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 23:02:52 MDT

Eli wrote:

>Does anyone actually know these "Stan Kretler" and "Carl Bonzer"
>people? I ask because it is a known behavior pattern for certain types
>of people to make accusatory posts, then chime in in their own defense
>via "morphs".

An interesting point I had considered myself...made all the more plausible
by the fact that both are Hotmail accounts. Of course, this speculation
will no doubt be construed as cultish paranoia by the part[y?]ies in question.

I usually know better than to get involved in unproductive "dead" threads
such as this one, but I have to ask: why is it that Max and Natasha are
always singled out by Extropianism's detractors as being inherently "bad?"
Jealousy coupled with insecurity could have something to do with it, but
any truly progressive minded individual would not waste his or her time
trying to publicly damage a rational philosopher's name on his own mailing
list. Why do people like Brian, Stan and Carl (along with Ian Cruikshank,
Adrian Karth and countless others) waste their time shooting semantic
water-pistols at Max rather than embrace their own productive pursuits? I
just *know* I won't receive an answer from the source...

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