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At 01:26 PM 6/26/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> > ... Comparisons across poor
> > countries, regions, and individuals almost never show any substantial
> > health effect of variations in medical spending or water and sanitation.
>Do you have any links on those studies for effectiveness of clean water/health

A cite, not a link:

"The effects of improved nutrition, sanitation, and water quality on child
health in high-mortality populations," by Leng-fei Lee,
Mark Rosenzweig and Mark Pitt, Journal of Econometrics, 77:209-235, 1997.

>I imagine that the gist of these studies is that the causes of death shift
>it being a direct cause due to no resources available, to an indirect because
>too many people survive and overpopulation gets them anyways...

No, this is a study of poor folks in Bangledash and Phillipines, where over 20%
of kids die by about age six. Sanitation and water quality made no difference
in individual mortality for 385 + 448 households. The introduction says "most
studies ... do not yield significant health effects" from variations in
water and
waste facilities.

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