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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 11:56:55 MDT


>> And check out

>This is an absolutely fantastic creation.

>This is the "Brain Seed" idea I've been spouting about for so
>long, built with present-day tech. I wonder if we can get someone
>from this organization to come talk at Extro5.

>> The new Alchemists journals as well as a facinating library of
>> appropriate tech books is at:

>Another brilliant resource. I'm seriously jazzed. This is some
>awesome stuff.

>Here's a suggestion: If the Greenstar system checks out to be as
>good as it looks, maybe we could make it sort of an "official
>extropian charity". I'd be very, very interested in such an

Thought you'd like it. ;)

Judging from list response, it might not make "official" charity
status, but I intend on following it noneless.

Another keyword for search engines (I don't believe they have an
official web site yet) is "Gaviotas".

Bonnie might be interested as well, particularly in their
development of a "sleeve" pump.


Extropy Institute,
Adler Planetarium
Life Extension Foundation,
National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
Mars Society,
Ameritech Data Center Chicago, IL, Local 134 I.B.E.W

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