Re: Committee wit Un-X-humanist Apologies

From: Joseph Sterlynne (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 08:19:14 MDT

>>>>>> Mesdab wrote:
>>>> Gotrie once said but maybe didn't:
> > Don't you see that this is another g*ns thread or
> Idiot or not, what is your problem.. You guys started it!

Yeah you did too.

 << any more. This will look really bad in the archives. What will the
    think when they see us talking about g*ns and circumcision??
See what public yelling at each other >>
Let us take care of this problem. Why are YOU letting it drag out for days
when people are getting insulted and may waste $1000 if they are idiots?
a death threat or two among friends?

>>>> Ha! I'll take you up on your offer. Boyfriend or otherwise.
> > Who are you calling a fascist?
> What?

What do you mean?
>>In fact, I will say this only if you agree that idiocy is good and
>say that
>>you won't talk about Extropian things. X=X for all values of X.
>>> So why don't we get a challenge to read what you wrote in your message
>>> when you said that he said that I said that the word was posted when
>>> you found it to be one way or the other 2 months later? The principles
>>> of "left-wing" vs. "left-wing" don't (1) have to do with my original
>>> criticism and (2) aren't in your interpretation, so there!
> ZOG, man.
>>> Agreed... Apologies not accepted.

I knew it!

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