Re: _The Apology_, Part II

From: phil osborn (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 00:41:54 MDT

>From: Brian Manning Delaney <>
>Subject: _The Apology_, Part II
>Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 22:38:31 -0700
Not meaning to belittle this whole experience. Believe me; I've been there.
  Once, writing our Amiga SIG's newsletter column, I - humorously, I thought
- referred to a no-show demonstrator as someone whose name "shall thereafter
be Mudd." I didn't even provide the info that anyone could have used to
actually identify the guy. Nevertheless, he contacted the clubs Board of
Directors, lodged an official complaint, threatened legal action, and then
someone else came on board with a defense of the implicitly maligned "Mudd"
name. Jeez.

Not that I'm trying to make a direct comparison - or get involved in any way
- please, no, no, no. I realy am coming in on the middle here and don't
want to imply that I even understand the debate - just that it seems like a
lot of time got wasted somehow.

Anyway, your experience and that of the other correspondents involved makes
me feel good in comparison about some of the lengthy debates I've gotten
into here.

As a general suggestion, however, wouldn't it be nice if all posts contained
a back trace. It is really almost impossible to find the time to try to go
back and retrieve all the previous posts in a particular thread - at least
from Hotmail. Thus, I often find myself coming in on the middle without
ever hearing the full context, and I'm sure that others have this

This must be doable within the newsgroup software. We used to have it on
BBS's as a matter of course. Perhaps this is just my ignorance and someone
can tell me that this is already available???
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