Re: GUNS: GUNS, GUNS, and more GUNS

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 20:34:40 MDT

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>From: Harvey Newstrom <>
>Subject: Re: GUNS: GUNS, GUNS, and more GUNS
>"Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote:
>>Are you aware how politically correct you sound and how much you sound
>>like you are trying to launch an inquisition? If I talked, say, about
>>trucks, would you even feel the slightest bit interested in my frequent
>>comments about trucks (as is the case with EvMick)? Why do you seem to
>>obsess about peoples comments about guns, but not about people's
>>frequent comments about art (Natasha or Nadia), gardening (Bonnie), the
>>law (Greg Burch), trucks (EvMick), Music or poetry (E Shaun Russell).
>EvMick, Natasha, Nadia, Bonnie, Greg and Shaun already limit their
>postings to relevant topics. They label their subject lines
>appropriately, or change the subject lines when they change the
>topic. All of them have been able to have intelligent conversations
>on a variety of subjects without trying to steer every conversation
>to a single particular interest. All their posts on their favorite
>topics would not equal a tenth the volume of your gun posts.
>|It seems as though you have some unreasoning fear of guns,
>|a hoplophobia. Perhaps you need to seek counseling...
>I do not fear guns. I am bored to death with endless discussions
>about guns. They are simply off-topic most of the time. If you
>would simply discuss guns in a thread about guns, instead of trying
>to co-opt everyone else's threads, that would be fine. I do not
>object to your discussion of guns, but at the way you kill other
>discussions about other subjects. You are like a Jesus-freak who
>can't talk about anything else, and who thinks everything leads back
>to a single topic.
>I don't mean these words to be unkind. You are probably the most
>intelligent expert on guns I know. It's just that sometimes we want
>to talk about something else.
A fanatic is someone who will not change his mind, and cannot change the subject - Sir Winston Churchill
>Harvey Newstrom <>
>IBM Certified Senior Security Consultant, Legal Hacker, Engineer,
>Research Scientist, Author.

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