Re: SOC: Syliva Poggioli on Euro-Anti-GM

Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 12:38:54 MDT

Greg forwards:
> And the most important of these trenches is the Slow Food
> Movement. You've probably heard about it. There's several chapters
> in the United States. Well, it was founded by Italian leftists as a
> means to protect local culinary patrimonies and endangered recipes.
> The slow food militants, they call themselves the Gastronomic left(ph),
> or the Greenpeace of Gastronomy. And one of their slogans is, 'Reject
> Sheep,' which what they mean there is manipulated food. They say
> material and moral pleasures are not free. The century of egalitarian
> utopias has been buried forever under the well-stocked table.

The "Greenpeace of Gastronomy"? "Reject Sheep"? "Protecting endangered
recipes?" If this is not satire, I must say that reality has outdone
fiction once again.


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