Re: GUNS: Anti-Missle systems for tanks and other vehickles..

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 12:22:54 MDT wrote:
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> > I've heard that the age of armor (tanks) is over with the invention of
> > shoulder launched anti tank rockets....but is that true?
> Like the aircraft carrier, the death of the tank has been prophesied for some
> time. I do think the big lumbering giant M-1 is the last in that line; a
> real dinosaur. I see the armored vehicle of 2025 as very light, very fast
> and very smart. And maybe on legs instead of tracks.

They will likely be AI guided, unmanned. I think the images of iraqi
troops diving out of their tanks to save themselves from airborne attack
during the gulf war gave all tank drivers the willies. I don't think
you'll see legged tanks, because they just can't move fast enough,
though you might have some specialized ones for rugged terrain and
forest. On normal ground the tracks keep the vehicle from sinking into
the ground, while legged vehicles would have too high a load per square
foot of contact area to work on any but the most rocky hard packed
desert. I do think you'll see large numbers of two man ATVs with
missiles and guns on them.

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