Fwd: Re: ANNOUNCE: Alcor Technology Conference Success (blooper)

From: Harvey Newstrom (mail@HarveyNewstrom.com)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 10:36:49 MDT

Natasha asked,
>>Okay, good. Do you know how to put sound to the PowerPoint presentation?
>> I had wanted E. Shaun Russell's music and then my voice on the
>>PowerPoint slides. Any advice?

As a follow-up to my suggestion, here is an example of how to do it:


The HTML code looks like this:

       <img align="right" src="dolby.gif" alt="album art" WIDTH="300"
       <font SIZE="+1"><strong>She Blinded Me With Science</strong><br>
       <em>Thomas Dolby</em></font><br>
       <a HREF="dolby.au">
       <img src="../sound.gif" WIDTH="29" HEIGHT="27"> sound file
(200k au file)</a>

The <img> tag displays the picture. The <font> tag displays the
text. The <href> links the sound file. (The <img> inside the <href>
displays the little speaker icon.)

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