Re: Dis-engagement (was New X-humanist forums)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 07:01:25 MDT

Carl Bonzer wrote:
> >From: "Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <>
> >Brian Manning Delaney is an idiot. In fact, an insulting and
> >condescending idiot.
> >
> >Max More and Natasha Vita-More have won the argument.
> Did someone say "cultism"?

You and Brian did. It occurs to me that you two could have engineered
this whole situaiton in order to 'prove' such an idiotic point.

> Excellent - we now have a test case for the hypothesis that Extropianism is
> a cult.
> If Extropianism is *not* a cult, the ethical standard invoked in people's
> criticism of Brian will be invoked here: "Eliezer, this is a *vicious* blah
> blah blah ... dot dot dot....."
> If Extropianism *is* a cult, people will not criticize Eliezer for his
> comment (and might even feel warm and fuzzy - "CRUCify him" "CRUcify
> him"!!!).

Eliezer is not a 'leader' of any sort, so failing to 'crucify him' does
not indicate anything of the sort you'd like to insinuate. Trying to
imply that there is absolutely no lack of agreement among the members
with things said and done by Max and Natasha, based on one single
subject does not a substantiated accusation make. Anyone who has
actually spent any amount of time on the list at all, rather than
flitting in and out as one's ego desires (as Brian has done), would show
to the observer that there is quite a bit of disagreement over many
things between members and Max and Natasha.

I've 'crucified' Eliezer over other things in the past, but doing so
just because you command it strikes me as something without cause or
reason. Eliezer has merely told a rude an insulting interloper to get
out of the 'meeting hall'. Rudeness in such a situation is entirely
called for, and requires no rebuke from us.
> PS Eliezer, want to put money on the claim that Brian is an idiot? I'm
> serious.

I'll put money down right now. The things he's said on the list indicate
to me that he is not playing with a full deck, or is simply 'programmed'
badly, like, for instance, as a member of a rather badly constructed
cult... hmmmm

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