Re: alpha amino - beta hydroxybutyric acid

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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 04:30:13 MDT


This is probably sheer marketing. I suspect it's very similar to the hyping
of topical retinol (vitamin A) when retinoic acid was in vogue and
prescription only. It's also similar to the pushing of oral superoxide

The "gamma" in GHB means quite a lot I'm afraid... and look - TYRAMINE -
jeeze why didn't they just formulate with caffeine?

I know it's righteously Darwinian to make a profit out of the uneducated and
frankly stupid; but it's sad - and discredits the people who are sincerely
trying to push the cause of life- & intelligence-extending drugs.


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Date: Sunday, June 25, 2000 3:47 AM
Subject: alpha amino - beta hydroxybutyric acid

>I ran across a place that sells alpha amino - beta hydroxybutyric acid as
>part of a formulation including tyramine and threonine. Couldn't find any
>references elsewhere and no real information, although this looks like a
>legal endrun around the GHB restrictions and the claims for it seemed
>similar. Anyone know anything about this one?

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