Re: Murder rate going up?

From: R. Harrill (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 04:41:41 MDT

phil osborn wrote a bummer tale of police incompetence:

> When I called the Santa Ana police, I get this idiot who uses every argument
> he can think of to refuse taking a report. In the past, I have always
> gotten good cooperation on these incidents. I made the mistake of
> mentioning to this guy that similar incidents had happened repeatedly in the
> past. So he starts asking me, in this unbelievably snide, sarcastic tone,
> "and did your making a report ever, in all these incidents, result in any
> arrest or get you any compensation. No. So what is the point of making
> this report now?"
> I point out that this establishes a pattern, in case the perps are ever
> caught, and that, furthermore, I would like to have it on record if I have
> to substantiate a medical claim later. Then he comes off the wall. "Well,
> your injury has NOTHING to do with the alleged crime. We don't get involved
> with that."

Why not think outside the box for a moment. You've typed all the
details out---what is to stop you from filing the report yourself?
So what if you bumped into a worthless cop---email your report in
and then mail a hard copy. You can be miles ahead of this game by
doing the work yourself. If the lazy cop was out of line, he'll
catch it and you'll be a bit more confidant the next time you try to
file a telephone report. BTW, your story sounds remarkably like
what so many frustrated minorities say about dealing with
governmental types and corrupt police: they aren't taken seriously.
Do something.

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