Re: New X-humanist forums (regarding Natasha)

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 22:52:38 MDT wrote:
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><< In regards to this whole thread:
> Just stop. It has no value. Let's move on to more progressive thoughts
> and discussions. What else matters? >>
>So far I merely "sense foot in mouth disease", rather then active hatred.

I see this whole thread as being an example of e-communication gone
bad. It has gone far beyond the original discussion and has
degenerated to a reputation salvaging mission for everyone. The very
fact that all postings are being made publicly is because the
participants are no longer speaking to each other, but are posting
exposition to the rest of the list. Each side is casting their own
position in the best light, while casting the opposing position in
the worst light.

I see (unintentional) exaggeration and misinterpretation on both
sides. Although not deliberate, both sides have reacted
disproportionately to certain statements. Items that were minor or
meaningless have been taken as intentional insults. Attacks have
been made upon some statements that were throw-away lines or even
unrelated or content-free filler.

This really should be taken off-line. The postings made for the
benefit of the list audience have distorted the discussion beyond all
recognition. I suggest that all three parties apologize to the list
for having a heated discussion in the public forum. It doesn't
matter who started it or who was right, I think you can all three
agree that all of your postings have continued this discussion on the
list. Hopefully, you can call three agree to take it off-list for
private resolution. Then, when you get off-line, I suggest that you
all three apologize for the heated manner in which you have responded
to each other. All three of you have overreacted to statements that
were not as harsh as your reactions indicated. In the privacy of
your off-line discussions, you should be able to start the discussion
from scratch with simple statements of fact.

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