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> According to The Straits Times of Singapore, NIIT, an information
> technology (IT) training institute in New Delhi, resides a few yards away
> from a slum. As an experiment, NIIT's cognitive engineering researchers
> year made
> a hole in their office wall facing the slum and installed a powerful
> computer
> connected permanently to the Internet. The computer was available for
> to
> use. It's just sitting there, apparently out in the open, on the street.
> The result was extraordinary. The slum children, many of whom had had no
> primary school education, went over to check out the computer. There was
> no instructor on call; they were left to themselves. Within hours they were
> successfully finding websites on the Internet (Disney, Hindi films,
> cricket trivia) and learning other computing skills as well (not just
> Internet related).

This is GREEEEAAAAAT! It makes me think that the idea of wiring up the less
developed world really will pay the kind of dividends we've talked about here
before. What a great story!

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