RE: New X-humanist forums

From: altamira (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 17:53:59 MDT

I didn't see the original posts on the Transhuman List which led up to the
discussion on this list, which deteriorated to personal name-calling, so I
can't make any useful comments about the relative merit of the ideas being

But I CAN say that it appears to be Brian D. who took it out of the realm of
ideas into the personal. I don't know Natasha well, but I like her artwork
and her writing, and she's been nice to me, a stranger who came around
asking questions. I don't know Max at all, but his ideas are interesting,
and he seems sincere.

People don't like to take sides in someone else's arguments, and it may not
be a good idea for me to do so, either. But I feel terrible seeing nasty
things posted in public about these people--especially Natasha, because it
wasn't even her argument to begin with--and people not publicly standing up
for them.

I respect you, Natasha, and the ugly things Brian D. said about you reflect
on HIM, not on you.


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> I am utterly disgusted at Delaney's last, most vicious attack on
> Natasha. I
> can deal with his tactics when used against me but I draw the
> line when he
> draws Natasha in then opens fire with all guns blazing, all the while
> posturing as Mr. Charitable and Mr. Reasonable.

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