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From: Brian Manning Delaney (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 16:31:34 MDT

Doug Jones wrote:
> Brian Manning Delaney wrote:
> >
> > Natasha Vita-More wrote:

> > >> Towards the Good,

> > > I don't believe this.
> >
> > Then you a petty, blindly tribal, small-minded human being --
> > or, at a minimum, are acting like one.
> >
> > Towards the Good (with not everyone on board, unfortunately),
> > Brian.

> Delaney, you have a tendency to use rhetoric in the place of reason,

Rhetoric is reason, according to many philosophers (Plato, for
one). But I rarely use it before someone else has.

> sweeping generalizations in place of detail, and cheap personal shots as
> it pleases you.

Natasha's claim that she doesn't believe I'm working towards the
Good is NOT a cheap shot? And it's odd for me to react strongly
to that (and her other manifestations of the same attitude)?

What an odd stance to take. Please, try to be a bit more

> You have some odd obsession with circumcision and
> judaism,

If it's odd to you, it's because you aren't familiar with the
history of anti-Semitism. If you were, it would not seem odd at

Best wishes,

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