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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 14:32:26 MDT

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>> Actually most active environmentalists are drifting toward an overt
> anti-human position. Take the Sierra Club, for example...
> ...Then take for example the Makah, a small, poverty stricken indian tribe
> on the Nortwest coast that has always been shortchanged by the BIA,
> living on a small reserveation. ...
>... If you think Kazinski was alone, you are sorely mistaken. When
> universities in California host seminars titled "Kazinski was Right", as
> they are now, then its a foregone conclusion that ecotage and
> eco-terrorism are now accepted political activities.

Michael, I don't know if your post was directed my way. If so, you're
preaching to a member of the choir. But I can see how my prior message
might have been misleading. When I wrote:

" The most vocal of the "environmentalists" are
> acting in ways
> > that indicate they're concerned with destruction and obstruction per se
> > rather than with any love of human-kind."

I should have replaced the words "concerned with" in the last sentence with
the words "motivated by." That would have better expressed what I was trying
to say.

> Low profiles are good as a first line of defense. I don't keep a
> security system on my jeep, it has what I call 'urban camouflage', i.e.
> a couple sprayed over rust spots and some peeling paint. When I venture
> into the big city criminals look at my car and assume that there can't
> be anything valuable there...if and when I buy a new vehicle, I'll
> probably spraypaint a patch or two on it just for grins...

LOL! Sounds a bit like MY jeep, only yours is probably in lots better
condition. I could leave mine on a city street overnight with the keys in
it, and I expect it would still be there the next morning. It's got quite an
engine in it, though. Just keeps running and running and running...
> THe difficulty with buying freedom is that by conducting the purchase,
> you acknowledge that they aren't or weren't yours originally to begin
> with.

It's all in the attitude, Michael. Perhaps offering a bribe might be
considered the easiest way of removing an obstacle rather than buying


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