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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 12:09:49 MDT writes:

> Has Ken MacLeod been discussed at all?

Not enough, in my opinion.
It would be interesting to compare his views on society-building with
those of David Brin. "Civis britannica sum" is somewhat similar to
"I'm a citizen of a civilisation".

> The stone canal is a canal of stone
> Built by a robot, one robot alone.
> And you never saw a canal straighter than that canal of stone
> For it leads from Ship City to the dead gods' bones.
> There the gods sleep, and all of our own dead,
> Sleeping forever upon a stone bed.
> While the comet-ice falls down from overhead,
> Bringing new world's water down the stone canal bed.
> But someday the gods shall wake,
> The dead shall rise, and the stone canal break.
> And I haven't written the next two lines,
> For muse don't forsake me, but I've run out of rhymes.
> -- me. unfinished.

:-) Sounds exactly like something Wilde might have written while
cruising through the deserts.

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