RE: Survey of American Attitudes Toward and Knowledge of Science

From: altamira (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 11:17:33 MDT

I read somewhere that someone did a survey of recent Harvard graduates, and
only a small per cent of them could explain why there are seasons (summer,
winter, etc.) on Earth. I can't really believe this is true. Did anyone
else hear anything about such a survey?


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> Answering a series of 20 questions designed to test basic
> knowledge, only 50
> percent of Americans know how long it takes Earth to circle the
> sun, and most
> still can't correctly describe in their own words some basic scientific
> terms, including molecules, the Internet, and DNA, marking little
> improvement
> over surveys conducted in 1995 and 1997.
> The scientific process isn't well understood either. Only 21
> percent of those
> surveyed were able to explain what it means to study something
> scientifically, just over half understood probability, and only a
> third knew
> how an experiment is conducted.

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