Re: Jews vs. Extropians (Was: New X-humanist forums)

Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 09:24:20 MDT

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<< IMHO, classifying people by something they're opposed to, is pretty bad
 reasoning. There are many ways to dislike Jewish religion or culture, and
 to imply that they're all evil is either flippant or pretty damn arrogant.
 We might just as well talk about anti-Arabs, a "concept" which would
 associate neo-Nazis with a lot of Jews. >>
The fact remains that there are people that elect to chose "to dislike Jewish
religion and culture", in the light of the fact of a billion nominal
Christians and a billion Muslims dominating the world and some obsess over
this one little people. The excuses change and the real reasons never do.
Basically it suggests to me a predilection for a fascist mentality.

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