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Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 23:16:25 MDT

On 29 May wrote:

> I looked back at the archive for two years ago, and I saw many familiar
> names who were once active but who have not posted recently (not the past
> month, anyway): CALYK, Damien Sullivan, Dan Clemmensen, den Otter, Erik


Life was easier when I worked 8 hours a week, instead of 40-50. And I
personally have found that with a job devoted to computers, I'm not all that
enthusiastic about spending more time on them at home.

Plus I've been around since the summer of 1993, and repetition of subjects
got boring. And the cracks in my libertarianism have greatly expanded, with
help from Krugman and now de Tocqueville. Most of my practical positions
haven't changed -- legalize drugs, please! -- but I have less patience with
simple anarchism and anti-gov't raving.

> other things. But it is strange to have all these departed ones who are
> around only in memory, ghosts who haunt our electronic gathering place.

Has Ken MacLeod been discussed at all?

-xx- Damien X-)

The stone canal is a canal of stone
Built by a robot, one robot alone.
And you never saw a canal straighter than that canal of stone
For it leads from Ship City to the dead gods' bones.

There the gods sleep, and all of our own dead,
Sleeping forever upon a stone bed.
While the comet-ice falls down from overhead,
Bringing new world's water down the stone canal bed.

But someday the gods shall wake,
The dead shall rise, and the stone canal break.
And I haven't written the next two lines,
For muse don't forsake me, but I've run out of rhymes.
  -- me. unfinished.

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