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<< Because so many Extropians are educated less in the humanities
 than the sciences, it may be difficult to discuss this question
 fruitfully here. We'd have to discuss at least a bit of Luther,
 if not the early Church Fathers. And for many here that might
 involve a lot of tedious reading of dusty texts.
 And who the Hell wants to do that?! Once we stop aging, we can
 get to philosophy, history and such. :)
 (Of course, there won't be Judaism anymore at that point,
 because the big hyper ai-unity will have sucked up everything
 into itself, and thus there'll never be a minion.)
 Brian. >>
Moving this off to a different thread (somewhat) I toy with the concept that
Jews may have evolved as one of the catalyst peoples (call it chosen) to
activate, modify and motivate other peoples. Call this an evolutionary
adaptation or a rung on the ladder to the Noosphere (say hey! Teilhard!) or
something like that there. In might account for "The Longest Hatred" because
no matter what the Jew does, he is hated for it. It historically has become
a-causal despite the desperate, exacerbated, attempts by many to deny this
(personal experience). I call this the Princess and the Pea Effect.

Another Toy idea is that Jews represent (to haters) the possible existence of
a God, and one that the hater is really pissed off at, rather then their own
model. I rather like that one myself. Oh well.

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