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Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 14:27:16 MDT

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<< Since half my family is jewish, accusing me of anti-semitism is pretty
 LISTEN VERY CLOSELY: I am most pointedly NOT blaming "THE JEWS" for
anything. >>
That actually achieves nothing save, exclude you "genetically" from most
(NOT ALL) white racist orgs LOL! The Commies were very prominent since 1925
of purposefully excluding and undermining Jews as a potential rival movement
that would draw away members and get in the way of Stalin's world view.
Stalin was right up there as a Jew hater, I am proud to say, just NOT a
Bavarian-Austrian brand of racist (circa 1850-1945). This is not a major
point-just an opportunity to quibble. Lets see how this thread goes...

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