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From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 17:40:28 MDT

> >#2 would be the strongest, except that I've only seen it
> >exemplified occasionally. About #1: there's a long literature
> >about the anti-Semitic implications of irrational circumcision
> >discussions.

I must have missed this gem the first time. I mouth off about
circumcision, so Extropians are anti-Semitic. That's a bit of a
stretch for two reasons. First, while I disparage most religions,
about the only two I have some respect for are Zen and Judaism,
both of which have some interesting practical ideas mixed with
the dogma. And of course even if I had no respect for the
religion at all, that implies nothing about my opinions of
Israel as a people, race, or culture. I may also have some
objections to the actions of the government of the country of
Israel, but no more than I have against my own government.

Secondly, it's even more of a stretch to think I represent
Extropianism in any large sense. Hell, I wasn't even a member
until it became a requirement to get into Extro 4. My rants
are purely a product of my own warped mind, and solely for my
own purposes (as is everything--I am a radical egoist after
all) and should not necessarily reflect upon the group, many
of whom just barely tolerate me.

Yes, I oppose circumcision strongly, and will continue to.

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