Re: Cleaning soil & water (was Phyto-mining)

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Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 22:43:13 MDT

--- altamira <> wrote:
> I found that water hyacinth will clear the water nicely,
> although it does
> take longer than using alum. Interestingly, the animals
> prefer to drink the
> water hyacinth treated water over every other kind of
> water I've offered
> them, including city water, rain water, pond water, and
> bottled spring
> water. I don't know what effect water hyacinth has on
> pathogens in the
> water. It did take away the unpleasant odor associated
> with "iron
> bacteria."

I believe water hyacinth has been used in various sewerage
treatment schemes. It does a fairly good job apparently.

One word of caution: if it gets loose in the environment it
can quickly spread to the point that it clogs waterways.
This has happened several times in Australia.

Michael .

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