Re: A Spring-Powered Theory of Consciousness

From: Jim Fehlinger (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 17:47:17 MDT

Damien Broderick wrote:
> Congratulations and thanks for that fine (and somewhat critical) summary,
> Jim. I'm still working my way through it, but I'm finding it a useful
> aide-memoire to my own earlier reading of Edelman, a concentrated and
> polymathic thinker.
> Damien

Thanks for your kind notice, and please forgive the remaining mistakes
that hid so effectively from me when I went looking for them, but now
stick their little tongues out at me every time I glance back at
the piece. Gives me an appreciation for editors and other functionaries
in the publishing profession!

In case I didn't make it clear, I think Edelman's stuff is fascinating,
and probably a must-read for anybody who's seriously interested in the
prospects for AI (the real thing, not the marketing-department variety).

For somebody who wants to get acquainted with his work, I think the
best place to start is probably still the 1992 _Bright Air, Brilliant
which is out in paperback now.

Jim F.

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