Re: Use of force -was:crime in big cities and Europe

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 15:55:40 MDT

Martin Ling wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 22, 2000 at 02:15:53PM -0700, Robert-Coyote " wrote:
> >
> > (6) Whenever used by any person to prevent a mentally ill, mentally
> > incompetent, or mentally disabled person from committing an act dangerous to
> > any person, or in enforcing necessary restraint for the protection or
> > restoration to health of the person, during such period only as is necessary
> > to obtain legal authority for the restraint or custody of the person.
> Don't happen to have the legal definitions for 'mentally ill', 'mentally
> incompetent' and 'mentally disabled' handy do you?

Typically someone commited to a mental ward, certified by the state as mentally
disabled, or otherwise a ward of the state for mental health reasons. Basically
this clause is to cover you if you use justified force on someone who was
incompetent to act responsibly. I'm sure there is a wide grey area of everyday
people with intermittent health problems or sufferering from abrupt mental
trauma who are not currently committed or under full time treatment, etc.

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