Re: AW: crime in big cities and Europe

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 11:49:08 MDT

Karsten Baender wrote:
> > Trouble is, carjackers have a bad habit of capping slow-reacting
> > victims, or of taking female victims along for rape & murder. Stopping
> > them at the door is a Good Thing. The first torch unit used in the US
> > would land the user in jail, alas. Maybe if it followed the flames with
> > a halon spray to put the perp out before letting him get totally
> > toasted... but the prosecutors would probably still label it first
> > degree arson.
> I once heard of someone who put a piece of wood with nails in it under his
> seat so that if someone sat down on the driver's seat he'd get punctured. He
> did this because his car wos broken in several times. Well, only soem nights
> later he heard a loud cry, and, yes, it had worked ... but he got a heavy
> fine for severe injury. That's law in Germany - I love it. Perhaps that's
> why I would like to go into politics.

I had a freind who had this door mat that was smooth when it laid down on one
side, but if you flipped it over, nails stood straight up. He laid this in the
middle of his kitchen every night. One night he heard a big yelp, but only found
a trail of blood...

I think that if the person in your story had put a warning sign against theives
in the window, he might have gotten off...

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